About Us

Zephyr Construction Management, LLC is a full-service Owner's Representative operating in NYC with over 20 years of construction experience, expertise and passion. From the moment we are brought on board, we are committed to realizing our clients' vision and driving projects to completion on time and within budget.

Our focus on value engineering is second to none. Before our clients even ask, we explore opportunities to reduce, remove and control costs. If a dollar can be saved, we will find the way.

Our ability to form partnerships with a 'stakeholder' mentality is beyond compare. We know how to engage architects, engineers, and subcontractors and drive accountability for results.

Our monitoring eyes never sleep. Whether on-site or off, we know exactly what's happening at all times. We effectively spearhead information flow, anticipate challenges, and articulate decisions with our client's interest at heart. We keep diligent track of our crew, craftsmanship and materials throughout each phase of construction to achieve deadlines and exceed design expectations.

From a 25,000 sf building to a 300,000 sf, 25-story project, whether you require a full service CM or dedicated planning consultant, Zephyr has the ingenuity, the people, and the desire to execute your vision.

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